Wicked Ideas

Core Values

Wicked Ideas’ mission is to create space for citizens to shape and guide deep change. To do this we must design trusted environments, both online and in-person, that support and encourage two-way exchanges of information, knowledge and perspectives.

If we are successful, we will change the relationships between citizens, corporations, non-profits and governments.

To achieve this, all Wicked Ideas operations and events are guided by five core values:

  • Open: We are an entry point for people and knowledge. Like all good hosts, we are welcoming and we share with others, which is reflected in the open and transparent nature of our conversations. We actively pursue and make space for a diversity of thought, perspectives and cultures.
  • Fair: We create spaces that support participants’ rights and responsibilities to exercise their freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression within the law. To ensure this, we protect and foster trust with a code of conduct that outlines our response to issues of libel, privacy, anonymity, conflicts of interest, confidentiality and harassment. We will publicly post our comments policy and continually update our commenting technology to defend against spam and trolling.
  • Accurate: We provide people with the information they need to make the right choices for themselves, their families and their communities. To do that we will present information in a clear and unambiguous way, supported by strong sources and evidence. We fact check information before we present it online or at events and we are open and honest when we make mistakes. We clearly identify our sources of information and actively seek a diversity of perspectives that reflects the complexity of the issues we cover. We presume all interviews and conversations are on the record until a source requests confidentiality.
  • Optimistic: We believe that together we can solve the world’s biggest problems – and we’ll do this by listening to each other. It’s why we approach all aspects of our work with a mix of pragmatism, humility, good humour and hope.
  • Show: We believe a great show can move people – to laugh, to feel and to act. That’s because we learn best when knowledge is delivered in an entertaining way. Our creative motto is show, don’t tell – and to do that we produce great experiences that bring people back for more.
September 2018
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