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Public affairs now happens in public.

Wicked Ideas purpose is to create safe and welcoming spaces online and in-person to enable teams, organizations and communities to better engage with stakeholders in order to introduce and guide change.

We specialize in developing stakeholder engagement strategies, plans and communications materials to help clients deliver on organizational goals, deepen relationships with key stakeholders and build organizational capacity.

Our work is shaped by our values of openness in sharing information, fairness towards others and accuracy in the work we produce. We believe that together we can solve big problems – and we’ll do this by listening to each other. It’s why we approach all aspects of our work with a mix of pragmatism, humility, good humour and hope.

Wicked Ideas offers a variety of services to help clients achieve their team and organizational goals in a cost-effective and timely way.

Services include:

  • Develop and implement values-based stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Produce stakeholder-focused communications materials
  • Plan and execute stakeholder-focused events that include post-event action items and follow-up
  • Deliver Wicked Ideas’ training workshops and programs
  • Provide executive coaching to enhance communications and public leadership skills
  • Facilitate problem-solving sessions to listen, learn and build greater understanding around complex issues
  • Provide operational contract-based communications and stakeholder management services

Contact us to find out how Wicked Ideas can help you identify, manage and increase your engagement and communications activities to build movements of change.

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