Wicked Ideas

What is Solutions Journalism

The goal of Wicked Ideas Solutions and Data Journalism is to nurture and build the connections between and with our audience by continuing to track, analyze and expand upon the options developed at Wicked Ideas Events.

We frame our stories as ‘howdunnits’ rather than ‘whodunnits’, placing the emphasis on the effectiveness of the various responses to solving wicked problems. We track and analyze successes and failures, seeking to offer quantitative and qualitative insights that provide our audience with the information they need to improve local outcomes. This provides accountability and transparency to our audience in a non-adversarial way.

To do this, we place local stories within the larger context of economic, social, technological and environmental change, profiling people and initiatives in other communities to broaden our audiences’ understanding of issues and to facilitate the building of connections within a growing network of innovators and change makers.

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