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Being audacious in mid-sized cities: Lisa’s TEDX UNB SJ talk

I’m been talking a lot lately about being audacious.

It’s what we’re going to need to negotiate our way through the massive social, economic, political and ecological change we are experiencing.

I am particularly interested in the development of community-led solutions to complex, or wicked problems faced by cities located outside large metropolitan areas. That’s all of Atlantic Canada, the near and far north of the rest of Canada, the American mid-west and that large swath of New England that exists just beyond Boston’s pull.

Why? Because these cities have different problems than large metropolises and are currently being left behind in the race to adapt to the world’s current pace of change. The people living and working in these cities want and need to participate in a conversation that recognizes their unique challenges and opportunities.

That’s what my TEDX UNBSJ talk is all about. Please watch it, share it and join the conversation here at Wicked Ideas and on our social media channels.


Lisa Hrabluk

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  • Great talk!
    Reminds me of the trickster social function from American Indian lore. A specific “edge – runner” the Koshare is a sacred clown that might give us some clues. Here’s a peek @ how this Grenzläufer (border-runner) “typically provides a ferociously fascinating take on the essential craft tricksters offer humanity: their trickery often flexes the joints holding our world together, and flexibly refreshes awareness in ways otherwise shunned by what the conventional world deems possible.”

    What does this sacred clown do? Uses apparent conventionality to “play on the threshold” (Threshold,in this case, meaning both good taste and generational boundaries). He’s a clear social mediator that lives up to his paradoxical nature by artistically and craftily (usually physically) flaunting convention to harmonize social forces in the tribal community.  Curious about this?: https://www.academia.edu/7764611/Open_Mystery_Revealing_the_Sacred_Clown_Koshare

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