I’m on a mission to build a better and brighter world…you in?


I work with purpose-led leaders looking to scale impact, quell opposition and access more money, influence and power on the way to solving wicked problems.


Wicked Problems

Need Wicked Solutions

If you’re in the business of making or managing change, you’ve likely ran headfirst into the ‘Wicked Wall of Resistance’. It’s populated by stakeholders, investors or internal managers saying ‘hell no’ to your solution because they fear losing something they value – trust, money, reputation, or the security of the way things are right now.

When that Wall goes up, change goes SLOW – and that’s a wicked problem.


Saddled with multiple vested interests.

Lacks clarity because of incomplete, contradictory, or weaponized information.

Other systemic, wicked problems are present.

Wait for approval because decision-makers fear loss of reputation, trust, investment, or a combination of all three.


Enter the Wicked Solutions Studio.


We can change your world

We’ll work together to transform you from a world-weary changemaker into a Wicked Warrior, creating and leading strategic solutions that build trust, traction and influence by delivering results FAST.

  • Focused on shared values and purpose.
  • Adaptable to new information and situations.
  • Scalable to increase impact.
  • Trusted because people feel seen, heard and respected.

The Wicked Solutions Studio is available for individuals and teams.

Creating Change

How I’m Working to Change the World with Purpose

Wicked Ideas is a Certified B Corporation (B Corps), for-profit companies that use the pwer of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Wicked Ideas supports the Sustainable Development Goals, the world’s blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Lisa Hrabluk

About Me

I’m the founder of Wicked Ideas, a change management coaching and consulting company for people driven to change their world with purpose. I’ve helped non-profits, start-ups and established businesses attract millions for world-changing projects, products and ideas, and I’ve worked with groups and governments to help engage meaningfully with stakeholders to inform policies and practises that brings positive, sustainable change to their communities.

Over the years I’ve written a lot of articles, won national awards for my journalism and my business leadership, and been a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, talking about solving wicked problems and rebuilding public trust through strong engagement and governance practices.

I’m part of the global BCorp movement, for-profit companies that meet the highest standards for social and environmental impact. Through that network, I became a co-leader of We The Change, a global network of women CEOs and executive leaders dedicated to remaking business as a force for good.

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