To navigate deep change we all need to lead with purpose.

Our familiar world is becoming history.

In its place is rising a new era

– the knowledge age –

which will be powered by the mobility of people, capital, and ideas.

Engines fueled by information rather than by steam.


To survive and hopefully thrive in this new era we need to shift

how we work and how we think.

Welcome to Deep Change.

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An introduction to deep change and the goal of building a purpose-led path to wealth, health and happiness for organizations, communities and individuals who want to know how to get started.

Award-winning writer.

High-level strategist.

Purpose-led entrepreneur.


I help organizations, communities, and governments navigate complex issues by strengthening ongoing stakeholder engagement via my Navigating Deep Change™ methodology, drawn from three decades of on-the-ground reporting and analysis of contentious public topics.

Proud to be New Brunswick’s original certified B Corp and part of a global movement of for-profit businesses that are using the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Over 3,500 companies in 65 countries and growing.

Navigating Deep Change™

A purpose-led, community-anchored method for moving forward and building back better in uncertain times.

Identify Shared Purpose & Values

We begin by identifying your organization’s core values and a shared purpose that aligns with stakeholder/community values. These shared values and shared purpose will guide strategy and decision-making as you begin to navigate deep change.

Ongoing Community Engagement

You will need to make a commitment to ongoing and meaningful stakeholder/ community engagement, including creating safe and welcoming spaces for a diversity of voices, ideas and perspectives to mix and mingle.

Map, Measure & Adjust Route

We will implement the Navigating Deep Change™ step-by-step methodology, which integrates easily with your existing process improvement plans and includes the design of new products, services, experiences, processes and workflows to help you navigate disruptive and contentious times.

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