I'm a writer, strategist and increasingly impatient Canadian who's spent the past three decades researching and reporting on the conflicts and correlations between community values and massive technological, economic, social and environmental change.

To break the logjam around complex issues we need leaders willing to develop solutions that provide the greatest amount of good and the least amount of harm.

To do good, sometimes you gotta get wicked.

I’m an award-winning journalist, author, and strategist whose been writing about and wrestling with wicked problems* for over 30 years. If it’s complicated, contentious or controversial, I’ve been there, behind the barricades, in front of boardroom tables, and huddled in the bullpen with leaders in Canada and the U.S. across industry, government and non-profits who have big missions to achieve and small windows of opportunity to get it right.

I’ve written thousands of articles, won national awards for my reporting, political commentary and entrepreneurship, been a frequent guest on national radio and television, wrote a best-seller, planned and hosted large-scale events, led movements, advised on public policy development, helped companies both big and small shift operations towards sustainability, and become a leader in the North American BCorp movement, for-profit companies that meet high standards for social and environmental impact.

A Bit More About Me

I’ve been on a three-decade adventure at the crossroads of journalism, public policy research, community engagement, and values-driven entrepreneurship. Here’s a glimpse into my world, shaped by curiosity, a knack for storytelling, and a deep commitment to societal impact.

Journalism: Uncovering Stories Across Canada

From southern Ontario’s vibrant energy to the charming coasts of New Brunswick, I’ve explored and shared countless stories. As a journalist, I’ve played many roles – business reporter, columnist, editor – with a significant tenure at the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal. I’ve contributed to amazing publications like the Globe and Mail and Time, and provided analysis on national radio and TV shows, including a regular spot on CBC Radio’s Information Morning in Saint John. My book “New Brunswick Underwater,” sheds light on the challenges and resilience in the face of climate change.

Research and Policy: Shaping Public Discourse

In 2003, I co-founded the Next NB/Avenir NB project with University of New Brunswick president Dr. John McLaughlin. Together we took a deep into public policy, joining with other early changemakers to set the stage for the Maritimes’ entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through policy papers, public forums, and Atlantic Canada’s first ‘big think’ conference, we sparked conversations and action. The 21 Leaders for the 21st Century program, inspired by my journalistic experiences, nurtured over 300 future leaders.

Creating Spaces for Connection and Learning

I discovered the transformative power of in-person events as a medium for collective learning and dialogue. Moving beyond traditional media formats, I’ve dedicated two decades to creating spaces where people can connect, share, and grow together. In our fast-paced digital world, these moments of real, human interaction are precious and transformative.

Wicked Ideas: Entrepreneurship with Values

Through my consultancy, Wicked Ideas, I’ve blended my experiences to support leaders and teams tackling tough, complex issues. Wicked Ideas is a certified B Corporation committed to making a positive impact in the world. It’s about doing work that matters – with heart and purpose.

My Ethos: Adaptability, Versatility, Engagement

My journey has been rich with diverse experiences – from print journalism to engaging in digital media, from quiet towns to bustling cities. At the core of it all is my passion for talking and engaging with humans – whether it’s through a well-crafted article, a lively radio chat, or a heartfelt conversation.

Reach out to talk about how we can shape stories, policies, and futures together.