To solve big complex problems

A little wicked thinking goes a long way

Welcome to my wicked world!

 Is your head and your heart out of sync?

Are you tuned into all the big changes happening in our world and worried your organization isn’t?

(Hello climate change, inequality, technological disruptions, economic uncertainty and bad behaviour – you get the big picture.)

Do you know you and your organization need to change but aren’t sure how to do it?


You’re my kind of people.

How I can help you

Let’s lighten things up

   Oi. Changing the world is a lot harder than Peter Parker made it look in the Spiderman comic books I read as a kid. He was my original inspiration to go out into the world and do good. Now here I am, a veteran purpose-led leader and boy, do I have the scars to prove it.

I bet you do too. You’ve been out there fighting the good fight, you’ve won your share of tussles, but big, systemic change hasn’t happened yet. You’ve still got the faith – cynicism doesn’t have you in its grip (unlike some people you know) – but some days you wish you had a little more help, particularly with increasing access to power, influence, people, and resources.

You know you need a better way that helps you scale your impact and get your organization moving in the right direction…because you’re not-so-secretly worried you’re running out of time. Holy moly! This sounds like a job for, well, me. And you. Yup. Changing the world is definitely not a one-person job.

My Program

The Wicked Ideas Solutions Studio


The Wicked Ideas Solutions Studio is a 12-week virtual accelerator for motivated purpose-led public sector leaders who want to accelerate their impact in building a brighter and better future for the people and communities they serve.

You will be guided through a step-by-step process in how to move forward on complex, contentious or controversial issues, also known as wicked problems, by identifying and mapping the people, resources and information you’ll need to build trust with stakeholders and decision-makers.


What People Are Saying


Lisa is a dream to work with and once she hits the stage expect a big ‘wow’ moment!

Lisa’s depth and breadth of experience and knowledge ignites audiences and teams to tackle the future with a new energy and excitement to make change.

Heather Reid

Founder & CEO, Planner Protect

Lisa’s  process is truly transformative. She has guided our executive team from a place of uncertainty to a position of deep clarity regarding our organization’s shared values and purpose and how to integrate both across our corporate culture and operations.

Norm Couturier

Co-Founder & CEO, 3D Planeta

Lisa’s quest for insight and knowledge has made her a respected deep change expert. As someone who works in both education and the startup world, I recognize the value Lisa brings  because she inspires all of us to rise to the challenge and work together to drive positive change in our organizations and our communities.

Dhirendra Shukla

Chair, J Hebert Smith Centre for Technology Management & Entrepreneurship (TME), University of New Brunswick