Let’s Change Our World

I love working with people driven to change our world and who’ve got the scars to prove it. You know who you are.

You’ve won your share of tussles.
You’ve had an impact here and there.
But big, sustainable, system-wide change hasn’t happened yet.
And you’re not-so-secretly worried you’re running out of time.
You’ve got wicked problems.
What you need is wicked solutions.

Enter The Wicked Solutions Studio

My program is designed specifically for motivated, purpose-led leaders who want to accelerate their impact for the people, markets, and communities they serve.

The Wicked Solutions Studio is a 10-week group program that will transform you from an exhausted changemaker banging your head against the Wicked Wall of Resistance into a FAST-moving Wicked Warrior feeling the flow.

It’s time to lighten your path to a better and brighter world.

What You WIll Get

Find Your Wicked Solutions

Access to the Wicked Solutions Curriculum

These six chapters are the foundation of our work together and it’s what you NEED if you are determined to design and manage an agenda for change that quiets opposition, builds consensus, and produces real, sustainable, lasting change.

This is your ‘HOW-TO’ for the design, launch and management of a 12-month sustainable, strategic change agenda. The six chapters are:

  1. Wicked problems, systems change & changing values
  2. Networks & the new power shift
  3. Set your shared purpose and priorities
  4. Identify wicked gaps of awareness, knowledge, and access
  5. Strategic engagement and co-creation to influence change
  6. Launch your sustainable, strategic Wicked Change Agenda.

Bi-weekly Strategic Advisory, Planning, and Implementation Call with Lisa

This is where we dig in on the specifics of your wicked problem, the people and issues keeping you up at night, and the internal and external pressures weighing you down. We’ll brainstorm how to shift your approach, identify connectors and supporters, overcome challenges, establish your influence and authority as a change leader, and design and tweak issues related to your positioning, engagement activities, network-building, organizational/team priorities, or workflow. You’ll get biweekly actionable advice on your wicked problem. This is what I love to do! I know what it takes to build consensus and get moving on solving complex issues and I’m determined to help you do the same by notching up some early, quick wins and helping you gain approval for your change agenda.

Community Coaching Calls

Sustainable, lasting change isn’t a job for one person. To step into your power as a Wicked Warrior you need to be fully supported by other like-minded changemakers who are equally pragmatic, hopeful, and determined to lighten the path to a brighter and better world. Get a regular dose of inspiration and feedback on your work and brainstorm with other successful changemakers on how to build back better.

Full Curriculum, Templates and Worksheets Library

Get access to all my resources, downloads, and high impact training materials inside my online learning school. This includes access to 30+ templates, videos, case studies, scripts and interactive assessment tools.


Strategic Change Happens Here

You can stop going SLOW and start producing FAST results by working with me either through the Wicked Solutions Studio group program or private coaching and consulting.

Here are 3 reasons to schedule a call now.


You’ll uncover new pathways to money, talent, information and markets you didn’t know were there.


You’ll forge new alliances and partnerships with people and organizations that share your mission and see the shared benefits in working with you.


You’ll move faster and with greater confidence because you’re clear on WHO is your core audience, WHAT they value, WHERE you all want to go and HOW you’re going to develop and implement a lasting, sustainable solution.

Get Wicked REady

Is this right for you?

You are WICKEDLY READY to get started if:

  • You are clear on the wicked problem you are trying to solve.
  • You’re ready to scale your reach and impact so you can increase your access to power, influence, markets, money, talent, and other resources.
  • You either don’t know where to start or you’ve hit the Wicked Wall of Resistance.
  • You’re determined to solve your problem but right now IT’S WEIGHING YOU DOWN.
  • You’re running to stand still, with an already full plate of work you need to do, and you fear failure – and the blame you’ll carry if that happens (administered by your own conscience or by others in your organization).
  • You’re able to use your position to influence your organization’s ability to address one of the world’s many wicked problems, such as those defined by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • You are ready to invest a minimum of 2 hours per week to focus on learning and using the Wicked Solutions tools and system to solve your wicked problem.
  • You are pragmatically hopeful that sustainable, strategic change can happen.

You are NOT ready if:

  • You aren’t prepared to change your mind, perspective or attitude towards the people and situations you perceive are standing in your way.
  • You aren’t committed to using your position to advance social, economic or environmental change to achieve a better and more sustainable world.
  • You don’t have a commitment from your manager/organization to support your work and implement your Wicked Change Agenda.
  • You or your organization aren’t ready to invest time and money in your development as an influential changemaker.
  • You aren’t prepared to invest 2 hours per week working ON your Wicked Solution (instead of continuing to drown in your wicked problem).