From Wicked Problems To Wicked Solutions

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Step into the Wicked Ideas Solutions Studio

The Wicked Ideas Solutions Studio is a 12-week virtual accelerator for motivated purpose-led public sector leaders who want to accelerate their impact in building a brighter and better future for the people and communities they serve.

In the Solutions Studio, you will be guided through a step-by-step process in how to move forward on complex, contentious or controversial issues, also known as wicked problems, by identifying and mapping the people, resources and information you’ll need to build trust with stakeholders and decision-makers.

A step-by-step repeatable process for solving wicked problems

A 12-month workplan, broken down into quarterly goals, with the first quarter divided into two, six-week quick win activities


Practices to identify, map, track and expand your network and to track the Power, influence and Resources at Play in your world

Ways to combat misleading and weaponized communications


Hands-on support, including one-on-one coaching and group conversations, to help you create a wicked solutions model that works for you

Public Speaking

Keynote Topics


You are making history

The world we are familiar with is becoming history. In its place is rising a new era – the knowledge age – which will be powered by the mobility of people, capital, and ideas. I’ll inspire your audience with how we can all lead with purpose in this historic transition.

Making the A List

In a lively & interaction session, I’ll share my method for identifying the four character types in any network and determine their role in helping to build a collaborative, multi-sectoral community-based network. Your audeince will learn how to identify their A List, the people most likely to share your purpose, goals and motivations to accelerate change.

Moving Your World

Take a deep dive with me into the theory & pratice of deep change, which is marked by fundamental institutional and cultural change. I’ll feature ‘ripped from the headlines’ examples of deep change in action & offer workable solutions for how we begin to shift how we work and how we think in order to succeed in our uncertain and changing world.


I Work with Private, Public & Non-Profit Organizations