Hey kids! Do you need to leave the Maritimes? Or do you want to?

Written by Lisa Hrabluk

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September 18, 2013


Why do people leave the Maritimes? Are they pushed out or pulled? That’s the question Michael Haan, a straight-talking demographer at the University of New Brunswick wants to answer.

Michael studies migration patterns in the Maritimes, which means he knows a lot about goin’ down the road. He knows Maritimers have for decades taken off in droves for Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. It’s practically a rite of passage, which makes him wonder: How old are Maritimers when they make the decision to leave? Is it something we did, or didn’t do that sent them packing? Or, are they tempted away by the promise of something better?

To put it in the language popular with politicians: it’s a question of need versus want.

Do you need to leave the Maritimes? Or do you want to?

Check out Michael’s wicked question – and let us know what you think.


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