Full STEAM Ahead! Code Kids website is live

Written by Lisa Hrabluk

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February 24, 2014

Hey world! Check out what our friends David Alston, Greg Hemmings and René Boudreau have gone and done now. The new CodeKids.ca website went live this morning and it’s filled with great information about why coding is cool and how just about anyone can learn.

They’ve got some neat clips from their recent trip to Estonia and Finland – a preview of the documentary Greg and his team at Hemmings House are producing for later this year – and information about the kids coding movement here in the Maritimes, and in particular their home base of New Brunswick.

Way to go guys!

On Wednesday, David will be spreading the word at the Student Superpower Challenge, a special event for high school students that’s planned around T4G’s Big Data Congress. David is going to challenge students to work towards making New Brunswick a world leader in creative ideas. Joining him is Michael Go, a recent Riverview High School graduate and the reigning New Brunswick high school coding champion.

I’ll be there too, along with Brian McCain of Brilliant Labs, to explain how the competition part of the Challenge is going to work. Check back here Wednesday afternoon for details on the competition. You don’t have to attend the event to enter!

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